Who We Are

We are an independent full service market research, data mining, statistical analysis, and consulting organization to both consumer and business-to-business companies. We develop and apply advanced research and data analysis methodologies to a wide array of marketing and business problems.

Our Information:

We provide actionable, relevant and reliable information using research techniques that are time-tested, cost efficient and rooted in reality.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to providing business intelligence and information that will allow our clients to increase profits and reduce expenses in a highly competitive market environment. We also strive to become a valued business partner who focuses on finding and implementing solutions to the most critical problems facing our clients.

Our Team:

We are a team and a network of passionate and rigorous research professionals with solid experience in analyzing information and elaborating strategies based on facts.

Our Geographical Scope:

Our geographic scope is local to global in North America, Western Europe, Asia-pacific countries and in emerging markets (China, Eastern Europe, and Latin America).


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