Data Mining

Databases contain vast quantities of data describing customer transactions, decisions, performance and operations. In many cases, the various databases contain critical information concerning past business performance which can be used to predict the future. Data mining is the technique of extracting valuable and useful information from large volumes of data. Data mining helps businesses discover hidden data patterns and provides predictive information which can be applied to benefit the business. Being able to interpret and convert data into useful planning information is a critical, and can be tremendously rewarding, step in business planning.

Data mining is not a simple process and there is no tool that can do the job automatically. We provide clients the expertise necessary to understand planning/marketing issues and to interpret data using an assortment of quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Our major strength is the ability to combine statistical, IS/IT and business specific expertise and connect it to both strategic and tactical objectives of our clients. Our team has years of experience in data mining and knowledge discovery. We are used to working in demanding projects with real data in close collaboration with our clients. We have the experience necessary to understand the business objectives and translate them into data mining objectives.

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