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Timely insight into what matters most to today’s dentists ...

  • Want to quickly test several ad concepts before a new product launch?
  • Need to assess the potential usage of a new technology?
  • Looking for a deeper insight into the dental industry?

The quarterly OMNIDENTM online omnibus survey is a cost-effective, confidential research tool that lets dental manufacturers, advertisers, associations, and others in the dental industry survey dental professionals quickly and efficiently.

An omnibus survey is the best way to get valuable quantitative market research while keeping research costs down, as the cost of the survey is spread among different clients who each purchase their own fully-customized questions.

OMNIDEN surveys 250 U.S. dental practitioners and specialists quarterly – one of the largest survey samples available. All survey results are completely confidential and exclusive to each client, and a 30-day turnaround increases your ability to respond quickly to market changes and opportunities.

OMNIDEN surveys are also available internationally in Germany (quarterly) as well as in Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Vietnam (annually or biannually).

More flexible and cost-effective than phone surveys, OMNIDEN’s online survey interface also generates a higher response rate and more detailed responses. You can ask open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions and interactive ranking questions, and can even include images, audio and video.



  • Comprehensive question formats, including images, audio and video
  • Flexible, cost-effective online research
  • Confidential, reliable results and analysis
  • Engaging, easy-to-use online surveys for full, accurate responses
  • Large sample of dental professionals in the U.S. and 23 other markets
  • High-quality, accurate responses

With OMNIDEN, you can undertake everything from a regular pulse-check of the dental industry to ad campaign tracking to product feature evaluation.

There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask, and the price of inclusion of each question is always the same regardless of its complexity. We will even help you develop your questions and optimize your questionnaire to get the best return on your investment.


OMNIDEN Benefits: The fastest, easiest way to survey dentists

The OMNIDEN online omnibus survey is your direct link to the thoughts, preferences and opinions of dentists and specialists throughout the world. OMNIDEN allows you to take advantage of cost-effective, confidential and flexible online survey technology to ask all the questions as you need answered – from the most basic to the most advanced.

Confidential, reliable results
AFG Research guarantees the confidentiality and exclusivity of the results and analysis of your question(s). We maintain the integrity and quality of the data by ensuring all survey responses are collected in a secure database that can be accessed at any time during the fielding period, and by monitoring results in real-time.

User-friendly, convenient survey interface
Unlike phone surveys, OMNIDEN’s user-friendly online survey interface engages survey participants and guides them through the more complex questions to ensure full, accurate responses. An online omnibus survey lets respondents participate at their convenience, greatly reducing non-response error, and increasing response rates and sample representativeness.

Cost-effective research and flexible question formats
The setup costs of each OMNIDEN survey are shared across participating clients, meaning you can undertake highly effective market research at a fraction of the cost of custom surveys. OMNIDEN supports the full range of question formats, including single and multiple-choice questions; numeric questions; and open-ended questions. Unlike phone surveys, you can also incorporate images and multimedia into your questions.

Higher-quality responses
The more engaging experience provided offered by OMNIDEN surveys, through the inclusion of rich multimedia elements, lets you undertake more complex research and increases overall response quality. Plus, AFG Research has found that dental professionals in the major dental markets have high rates of Internet access and are eager to participate in web-based surveys.

World leader in dental industry research
AFG Research is a world leader in online research for the dental industry. The high quality sampling techniques and proprietary dental industry databases developed by AFG Research ensures a representative sample of dental professionals.


How OMNIDEN Works: Fast, on-demand market research

We have designed the process for submitting your questions to be as easy as possible. Please check the OMNIDEN Timetable for important dates, including question submission deadlines. From submitting your questions to receiving your results, the whole process takes just 30 days.

Step 1: Contact us
Notify us of your interest at or call us, toll-free in the US, at 800-657-9647 ext. 513. We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Your can also obtain complete details on our our Contact Us page.

Step 2: Submit survey questions for review
We will contact you to discuss your research objectives and help you develop the most effective questions for your needs. There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask, and the price of inclusion of each question is always the same regardless of its complexity.

Step 3: Approve your final survey questions
We will send you your final survey questions for final approval and payment.

Step 4: OMNIDEN survey
After approval, your questions will be included in the next OMNIDEN survey. Your questions, results and analysis are completely confidential.

Step 5: Delivery of results
You receive your results via email (PDF format), including cross tabulation by gender, age, profession, graduation year, U.S. region, employment status, total number of dentists/specialists in practice, and total number of operatories. Click here to view sample results.


OMNIDEN Timetable:

Questions should be submitted and finalized on or before (submission deadline):

  • February 1
  • May 1
  • August 1
  • November 1

Results are available thirty days after the submission deadline four times per year on or before:

  • February 28
  • May 31
  • August 31
  • November 30

Note: If any date indicated above falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the scheduled activity will take place on the next business day.

For basic results to be available on the dates shown above, questions must be finalized and submitted by 5 pm (PST) on the first business day of the months of February, May, August and November.

After a question is fielded through OMNIDEN, it will remain on the omnibus survey until the targeted amount of respondents determined by the client is reached:

  • 250 respondents for one quarter
  • 500 respondents for two quarters
  • 750 respondents for three quarters
  • 1,000 respondents for four quarters


OMNIDEN: Multiple Applications and Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of how you can use OMNIDEN:

Concept testing
A manufacturer has identified an opportunity for a new intra-oral scanner. However, it is unsure which product features will lead to the greatest level of demand for the product. Two product descriptions with somewhat different feature sets are created and presented to survey participants. Ratings obtained for product preference and purchase intention questions provide insight into the selection of the final feature set.

Editorial content
A dental magazine wants to evaluate the introduction of a new editorial section. It asks several questions and collects ideas for content that would generate the most interest from the target audience.

Advertising effectiveness
A manufacturer is about to introduce a new brand of dental adhesives in the U.S. market. A multiple choice question is asked prior to the launch to measure awareness for various brands. Three months after the launch, the same question is asked to assess the effectiveness of the campaign. Brand awareness results, broken down by region, practice size and other demographics, provide additional insight into the market segments where the campaign was most successful.

Ad copy testing
A manufacturer has hired an advertising agency to create a campaign for a new line of restoratives. The advertising agency has submitted three ad copies. The manufacturer submits several questions to assess recall and favorability by key segments. Results help in selecting the most effective ad copy.

Other possible applications:

  • Market sizing (product category)
  • Products/procedure incidence testing
  • Market share estimation
  • Identification of new product opportunities
  • Definition of target groups
  • Profiling of product users & customers
  • Product usage and awareness
  • Needs and attitudes
  • Pre- and post-product usage and attitudes
  • Product penetration
  • Product characteristics and dissemination applications
  • Product name testing
  • Brand equity measurement
  • Brand and imagery benchmarking
  • Ad campaign, event or news release tracking
  • Logo recognition
  • Positioning statements evaluations
  • Pre- and post-communications & advertising
  • New product ideas or early concepts
  • Purchase intentions
  • Product optimization and product feature evaluation


OMNIDEN: Pricing & Deliverables

Basic Deliverables:

  • Assistance in question development and design
  • Question implementation in online omnibus survey
  • Frequency analysis and results for each question
  • Open-ended raw data (open-ended questions only)
  • Cross tabulation of question results by gender, age, profession, graduation year, U.S. census region, employment status, total number of dentists/specialists in practice, and total number of operatories.
  • Fast delivery of results via email (PDF format)


All questions are priced equally, regardless of type and complexity. We will help you develop your questions and optimize your questionnaire to get the best return for your investment. Multi-attribute questions, multiple-item scaled questions, constant-sum questions and battery type questions are treated as multiple questions. Specific company and/or volume discounts may apply. Please contact us for details.

Optional Deliverables – Pre-Fielding:

  • Multimedia survey features: video and audio streaming as well as pictures can be included to support your questions.
  • Advanced survey algorithms: skip patterns for questions and choice piping (progressive and regressive)

Optional Deliverables – Results and Analysis:

  • Raw data files in MS Excel and SPSS formats
  • Coding of open ended questions as well as textual and verbatim analyses
  • Customized classification variables or banners
  • Customized charts
  • Customized report and analysis
  • Report presentation