AFG Research International Headquarter Office is Now Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Effective June 6, 2006 we moved our international headquarter office to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our offices are now located at 755 Hornby street, Vancouver, BC a few minutes away from the Sheraton Wall Center. We will also continue to maintain a presence in: Alameda (CA, USA), Moncton (NB, Canada) and London (UK). Please click here to reach us or obtain details on our various office locations.

The Sheraton Wall Center in Vancouver, BC ...


Please make sure to contact us before your next visit to Vancouver or British Columbia, Canada. Here are a few pictures of the things you can expect to see here ...


Planning a visit? Here is how long it will take you to fly to Vancouver from the following cities:

  • San Francisco: 2 hours

  • Los Angeles: 3 hours

  • Toronto: 4 hours

  • Chicago: 4 hours

  • NYC: 5.5 hours

  • London: 9 hours

  • Frankfurt: 10 hours

  • Tokyo: 9 hours

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