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4th Quarter 2010 U.S. Market Snapshot Series Report for CBCT and Digital Panoramic X-Ray

Preface: "CBCT - Myths and Reality" by Dr. Allan G. Farman, Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences, President of the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (AAOMR).

Report #: 100233-651

Date: 10/13/2010

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The 4th quarter 2010 edition of AFG Research’s Market Snapshot Series™ for Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) and Digital Panoramic X-Ray provides an overview of the U.S. dental practice market for CBCT and Digital Panoramic X-Ray.

Based on data collected as part of AFG Research’s dental omnibus (OMNIDEN™) from 262 dentists across the US, this report will aid dental CBCT and Digital Panoramic X-Ray manufacturers in measuring their market share, brand awareness, favorability, perceived value for money as well as equipment usage rates and purchase intentions among U.S. dentists.

This Market Snapshot Series™ report is prefaced by Dr. Allan G. Farman, Professor of Radiology and Imaging Science with the Department of Surgical and Hospital Dentistry at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Farman is also the President of the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (AAOMR), Founding Co-Chair of DICOM WG 22 (dentistry) and Founding Chair of the International Congress on Computed Maxillofacial Imaging.

In his preface, “CBCT - Myths & Reality”, Dr. Farman wrote: “CBCT 3D X-Ray imaging is a very valuable adjunctive technology both in dental diagnosis and treatment guidance; however, like any other instrument that uses ionizing radiation, care should be taken to carefully select the situations where this technology is likely to be beneficial in healthcare delivery. In reality, all CBCT systems are not the same so it is important for the purchaser of such systems to make purchase decisions based upon diagnostic capabilities needed, such as field of view and spatial resolution for the tasks employed in your business setting. Further, it is a myth that all CBCT systems are low dose, some are while others, especially in the past, have been associated with relatively high dosages to the patient.”

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) technology enables dentists to achieve more predictable results that traditional X-Rays, limit some medical and legal risks and is becoming according to a “standard of care”. Those elements make the US CBCT market one to watch in the coming years:

  • “CBCT promises to revolutionize patient care and impact treatment outcomes. Although CBCT has generated much excitement, its use has also prompted questions about dosage, professional responsibility, reimbursement, education, and utilization", “Dr. David Gane interviews Dr. Allan G. Farman about 3-D CBCT systems”, Dental Economics, April 2010.
  • “CBCT equipment is smaller and less expensive than traditional medical CT equipment and is tailored to address challenges specific to the dentoalveolar environment. Like medical CT, CBCT offers a three-dimensional view that conventional two-dimensional dental radiography fails to provide. CBCT combines the strengths of medical CT with those of conventional dental radiography to accommodate unique diagnostic and treatment-planning applications that have particular utility in dentoalveolar trauma cases. CBCT is useful, for example, in identifying tooth fractures relative to surrounding alveolar bone, in determining alveolar fracture location and morphology, in analyzing ridge-defect height and width, and in imaging temporomandibular joints. Treatment-planning applications include those involving extraction of fractured teeth, placement of implants, exposure of impacted teeth, and analyses of airways”, Palomo L and Palomo JM. “Cone Beam CT for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Trauma Cases”, Dental Clinics of North America, October 2009.
  • “The dose response of children and teenagers with regard to potential ill effects from radiation has been determined to be three times greater than in a young adult and almost an order of magnitude greater than for the elderly. Further, CBCT should not be used as a “fishing excursion” for non-symptomatic disease. However, when a CBCT volume is exposed, it is the ethical duty of the practitioner to maximize the diagnostic value for the patient. A medical model approach is warranted for larger field of view (FOV) systems in which referral for CBCT for expert over-reads has been suggested, Dr. Allan G. Farman “CBCT- Myths & Reality”.

A key CBCT manufacturer is significantly outperforming all other manufacturers in terms of market share. This strong leadership is not however fully reflected when it comes to overall favorability among dentists surveyed. Dentists who are currently evaluating a CBCT purchase in the next 12 months reported various manufacturers as their most likely choice for their upcoming purchase. In comparison, three key main digital panoramic x-ray manufacturers are leading the market in terms of overall market share and favorability. One main manufacturer is most frequently mentioned as the most likely choice among dentists who are planning on a purchase. Various product improvements were also suggested by dentists for both product categories.

Dental Equipment Covered:

  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)
  • Digital Panoramic X-Ray

Research Focus:

  • Product usage and penetration among U.S. dental practices
  • Equipment purchase (and replacement) intentions among dentists
  • Equipment category / market growth rate
  • Market share by equipment brand / manufacturer
  • Equipment purchase intentions (by user groups)
  • Equipment manufacturer awareness among users and non-users
  • Equipment manufacturer favorability by brand / manufacturer
  • Perceived value for money by equipment brand / manufacturer

Manufacturers Covered:

  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)
    • AFP Imaging Corporation
    • Belmont Equipment
    • E-WOO Technology
    • Gendex Dental Systems
    • Hitachi Medical Systems
    • Imaging Sciences International
    • IMTEC
    • J. Morita
    • MyRay
    • Planmeca
    • Kodak / PracticeWorks Systems
    • PreXion 3D CBCT
    • Sirona Dental Systems
    • Soredex
    • Suni Medical Imaging
  • Digital Panoramic X-Ray
    • Belmont Equipment
    • E-WOO Technology
    • Gendex Dental Systems
    • Hitachi Medical Systems
    • Instrumentarium Dental
    • J. Morita
    • KaVo Dental Corporation
    • MyRay
    • Panoramic Corporation
    • Planmeca
    • Kodak / PracticeWorks Systems
    • Schick Technologies
    • SIGNET
    • Sirona Dental Systems
    • Soredex
    • Video Dental Concepts

Regional Market Covered: USA

Data Collection Date: September 2010

Report Table of Contents:

  • Preface: "CBCT Myths and Reality" by Dr. Allan G. Farman 
  • Section 01: Research Overview (p.5)
  • Section 02: Research Methodology (p.8)
  • Section 03: Summary of Key Findings (p.10)
  • Section 04: Market Snapshot (p.23)
  • Product Usage (p.24)
  • Manufacturer Awareness (p.29)
  • Manufacturer Market Share (p.38)
  • Purchase Intentions (p.41)
  • Manufacturer Favorability (p.48)
  • Manufacturer Value for Money (p.51)
  • Appendix I: Market Share Definition (p.56)
  • Appendix II: AFG Research Contact Information (p.58)

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