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2nd Quarter 2012 German Market Snapshot Series Report for Orthodontic Appliances

Report #: 120533-151

Date: 07/10/2012

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The 2nd quarter 2012 edition of AFG Research’s German Market Snapshot Series™ report for Orthodontic Appliances provides an overview of the orthodontics market in Germany.

Based on data collected as part of AFG Research’s dental omnibus survey (OMNIDEN™) from 750 dentists (general practitioners and orthodontists) across Germany since the first quarter of 2011, this cumulative report will aid dental and orthodontic manufacturers in: a) measuring market growth by orthodontic system categories, b) identifying market share / share of orthodontic procedures and c) assessing their image and reputation among German dentists and orthodontists.

Dental Procedures Covered:

  • Orthodontic treatment with conventional and self-ligating brackets
  • Orthodontic treatment with clear tray aligner systems and lingual braces

Dental Product Categories Covered:

  • Conventional (non self-ligating) metal brackets
  • Conventional (non self-ligating) cosmetic / ceramic brackets
  • Self-ligating metal brackets
  • Self-ligating cosmetic / ceramic brackets
  • Clear tray aligner systems:
    • ClearAligner Originator (TP Orthodontics, Inc.)
    • ClearCorrect (ClearCorrect, Inc.)
    • ClearAligner Originator (TP Orthodontics)
    • Invisalign clear tray aligner systems (Align Technology)
    • MTM Clear Aligner (Dentsply GAC, Inc.)
    • Splint System (Great Lakes Orthodontics, Inc.)
    • Simpli5 (ORMCO AOA labs)
  • Customized wires / brackets
  • Lingual braces
  • Miscellaneous orthodontic appliances / systems

Research Focus:

  • Orthodontic case starts among general and orthodontic practices in Germany
  • Historical (2009 / 2010 / 2011) and expected (2012) case starts volume
  • Orthodontic case starts by patient age groups and patient gender
  • Patients receiving Invisalign and other clear tray aligner-based treatments
  • Orthodontic systems used and categories' growth rate
  • Market share by orthodontic brand / manufacturer and orthodontic system
    • Conventional metal brackets
    • Conventional cosmetic and ceramic brackets
    • Self-ligating brackets (metal or cosmetic and ceramic)
    • Clear tray aligner systems including Invisalign (Align Technology, Inc.), ClearAligner OriginatorŪ (TP Orthodontics), ClearCorrect (ClearCorrect, Inc.), MTMŪ Clear Aligner (Dentsply), Splint System (Great Lakes Orthodontics), Simpli5 (ORMCO AOA labs), Insignia Clearguide (ORMCO AOA labs), Smart Moves (Great Lakes Orthodontics)
    • Lingual braces including Incognito (3M Unitek), iBraces (3M Unitek), Evolution STL (Adenta), Stealth (American Orthodontics), Magic (Dentaurum), 2D lingual braces (Forestadent), G & H Wire, In-Ovation-L, MTM No Trace System (Dentsply GAC), Orapix / Eurapix, 7th Generation, STb Social 6 Light Lingual System, STb™ Straightwire System, Insignia Lingual (ORMCO Orthodontics / AOA Labs, Lingualjet (Rocky Mountain Orthodontics), SureSmile (QT / OraMetrix)
  • Attitudes towards orthodontic manufacturers (overall favorability)
  • Manufacturer and brand recommendations to colleagues
  • Improvement suggestions for manufacturers and orthodontic systems
  • Multi-year brand share allocation questions for conventional-cosmetic brackets, self-ligating metal brackets, self-ligating cosmetic brackets and lingual treatments
  • Lingual braces manufacturers / brands (e.g., Incognito, Stealth, In-Ovation, STb, Lingualjet
  • Multi-year bonding material allocation for light cure composites, chemical cure composites, GI/RMGI cements
  • Light-cure composite manufacturer / brand usage
  • Chemical-cure composite manufacturer / brand usage
  • GI/RMGI cement manufacturer / brand usage
  • Allocation for conventional versus digital impressions (digital impression systems)
  • Usage and penetration questions for digital impression systems (DIS) and various imaging technologies (e.g., CBCT, digi-pan, etc.)

Manufacturers Covered:

  • 3M Unitek
  • Adenta
  • Align Technology Inc (Invisalign)
  • All-Star Orthodontics
  • American Orthodontics
  • AOA Orthodontic Appliances
  • Class One Orthodontics/Zulauf
  • ClearCorrect, Inc.
  • Dental Corporation of America
  • Dentalline
  • Dentaurum
  • Dentsply GAC
  • Dynaflex
  • EOP Inc
  • Forestadent
  • GC Fuji
  • G&H Wire Company
  • Gestenco International AB
  • GlenroeTechnologies (Dentsply)
  • Gold'n Braces
  • Great Lakes Orthodontics
  • Lancer Orthodontics
  • Lingualcare
  • Masel
  • Nexadental
  • Opal Orthodontics
  • Orgadontic
  • ORMCO Orthodontics
  • Ortho Arch Co.
  • Ortho Classic
  • Ortho Organizers
  • Ortho Specialties
  • Ortho Technology
  • Pulpdent
  • Pyramid Orthodontics
  • Rocky Mountain Orthodontics (RMO)
  • Strite Industries Limited
  • Success Essentials / Space Maintainers Labs
  • Tokuyama
  • TP Orthodontics Inc
  • Wonder Wire

Regional Market Covered: Germany

Data Collection Date: June 2012

Report and Data Availability:

  • Online report available using name-based account
  • 50 key online charts presented by key topics (case starts, orthodontic systems)
  • Summary of key findings and executive summary (75 page PDF)
  • Cross-tabulation of survey results by multiple classification questions (MS Excel)
  • Downloadable report (MS PowerPoint)

Information on Report License:

  • Site License: This license allows for use of the report by an unlimited number of people within the same enterprise location. Each of these people may use the report on any computer, and may print out the report, but may not share the report (or any information contained therein) with any person or persons outside of the enterprise location. Customers who infringe these license terms are liable for a Global Site license fee.
  • Global Site License: This license allows for use of the report by an unlimited number of people within the same enterprise worldwide. Each of these people may use the report on any computer, and may print out the report, but may not share the report (or any information contained therein) with any other person or persons outside of the enterprise. Please contact us for details.

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