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Dental Equipment - U.S. Industry Study with Forecasts to 2011 & 2016

Report #: 002179

Date: 04/2007

Fees: $4,400.00 USD



U.S. demand for dental equipment will grow 3.8 percent annually through 2011, aided by favorable population trends and strong interest in technology updates. In general, advanced equipment such as lasers, intra-oral cameras, digital radiography and CAD/CAM systems will lead gains. Dental offices will remain the largest market and grow the fastest.

This study analyzes the $2.4 billion U.S. dental equipment industry. It presents historical demand data for 1996, 2001 and 2006 and forecasts to 2011 and 2016 by product (e.g., hand instruments, lasers, imaging systems, instrument delivery systems, toothbrushes, seating, lighting); and market (e.g., dental offices, consumers, dental laboratories).

The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 30 major players including Proctor & Gamble, Danaher, A-Dec, Sirona Dental Systems, and DENSTPLY International. US dental equipment demand will benefit from a strong professional and consumer interest in technology updates, and solid growth in older individuals more likely to require dental procedures.

Demand for dental equipment (excluding supplies) in the U.S. is forecast to rise 3.8 percent per year to $2.85 billion in 2011, aided by favorable economic conditions and population trends, as well as a strong interest in technology updates among professionals and consumers alike. Solid growth in the over 50 population will provide opportunities as older individuals are more likely to require dental procedures than other segments of the population. An increase in dental procedures will expand the need for equipment, particularly those items that require relatively frequent replacement such as hand instruments and tools used with hand pieces.

Advanced technology to provide most rapid gains. In general, equipment that features advanced technology, such as lasers, intra-oral cameras, digital radiography and CAD/CAM systems, will provide the most rapid gains. Dentists are seeking higher tech equipment to improve office productivity, expand their procedure capabilities, and attract new patients with a state-of-the-art office appearance. Furniture and lighting are expected to achieve moderate growth, yet benefit from dental chair purchases, as dentists attempt to create comfortable settings for their patients. Lighting will benefit from a shift to higher value-added technologies, such as LED and fiber optics.

Dental offices to remain dominant market and grow the fastest. Markets for dental equipment include a
variety of dental professional settings, including dental offices, dental laboratories and dental schools, as well as the general public. Dental offices are, by far, the leading outlet for dental equipment, accounting for 65 percent of total demand in 2006. In addition to gains in the number of dental establishments, growth in dental equipment is influenced by numerous factors, including replacement rates, annual revenues, tax incentives and technological advances. Replacement rates, which vary according to the type of equipment and intensity of use, can range from single-use (e.g., burs) to roughly 15 years (e.g., dental chairs). A limited number of dental schools, and an outright retraction in the number of existing dental laboratories, compounded with low replacement rates, will restrict growth for dental equipment in these markets. In the consumer market, gains will be sluggish due to the market maturity of toothbrushes, the dominant product. Outside of toothbrushes, penetration rates for other consumer dental equipment (e.g., tongue cleaners and oral irrigation tools) are much lower, providing opportunities for growth. Nevertheless, consumer use of equipment other than toothbrushes will remain negligible.


Dental Equipment Categories Covered:

  • Hand instruments
  • Hand pieces
  • Lasers
  • Other instruments
  • Imaging systems
  • Instrument delivery systems
  • Utility equipment
  • CAD/CAM systems
  • Intra-oral camera
  • Infection control equipment
  • Curing lights
  • Cast machines
  • Furnaces & ovens
  • Electrosurgical equipment
  • Other systems & parts
  • Toothbrushes
  • Furniture & lighting
  • Seating
  • Lighting
  • Other furniture


Regional Market Covered: USA


Report Table of Contents:

    General (p. 4)
    Population & Household Trends (p. 5)
    Macroeconomic Outlook (p. 8)
    Consumer Spending Trends (p. 12)
    Dental Services Spending Outlook (p. 14)
    Dental Services Payment Trends by Source (p. 15)
    Dental Care Provider Trends (p. 17)
    Dental Care Establishment Trends (p. 19)
    Dental Patient Activity & Procedures (p. 21)
    Regulatory Issues (p. 24)
    Historical Market Trends (p. 25)
    International Activity (p. 28)
  • III. PRODUCTS (p. 30)
    General (p. 30)
    Instruments (p. 33)
    Hand Instruments (p. 36)
    Hand Pieces (p. 39)
    Lasers (p. 41)
    Other Instruments (p. 44)
    Systems & Parts (p. 46)
    Imaging Systems (p. 50)
    Instrument Delivery Systems (p. 54)
    Utility Equipment (p. 56)
    CAD/CAM Systems (p. 58)
    Intra-Oral Cameras (p. 61)
    Other Systems & Parts (p. 62)
    Infection Control Equipment (p. 63)
    Curing Lights (p. 64)
    Cast Machines (p. 67)
    Furnaces & Ovens (p. 67)
    Electrosurgical Equipment (p. 68)
    All Other Systems & Parts (p. 69)
    Toothbrushes (p. 69)
    Furniture & Lighting (p. 74)
    Seating (p. 76)
    Lighting (p. 78)
    Other Furniture (p. 80)
    Other (p. 83)
  • IV. MARKETS (p. 87)
    General (p. 87)
    Dental Offices (p. 89)
    Consumers (p. 91)
    Other (p. 93)
    Dental Laboratories (p. 94)
    All Other (p. 96)
    General (p. 97)
    Market Share (p. 98)
    Procter & Gamble (p. 101)
    Danaher (p. 102)
    A-Dec (p. 103)
    Sirona Dental Systems (p. 103)
    DENTSPLY International (p. 103)
    Acquisitions, Divestitures & Industry Restructuring (p. 104)
    Licensing & Related Cooperative Agreements (p. 106)
    Marketing (p. 110)
    Distribution (p. 111)
    Professional (p. 111)
    Patterson Companies (p. 112)
    Henry Schein (p. 114)
    Other Major Distributors (p. 115)
    Consumer (p. 116)
    Research & Development (p. 117)
    Company Profiles (p. 118)
    A-Dec Incorporated (p. 119)
    Air Techniques Incorporated (p. 121)
    Amdent AB, see Planmeca Oy
    Aseptico Incorporated (p. 122)
    BIOLASE Technology Incorporated (p. 124)
    Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Company Incorporated (p. 125)
    Castellini SpA (p. 126)
    Church & Dwight Company Incorporated (p. 128)
    Colgate-Palmolive Company (p. 129)
    Danaher Corporation (p. 130)
    DentalEZ Incorporated (p. 136)
    DENTSPLY International Incorporated (p. 138)
    DEXIS LLC, see Danaher Corporation
    Eastman Kodak Company (p. 141)
    Foremost Dental LLC (p. 143)
    GC Corporation (p. 144)
    Gendex Corporation, see Danaher Corporation
    Heraeus Holding GmbH (p. 145)
    Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company Incorporated (p. 147)
    Imaging Sciences International Incorporated, see Danaher
    Ivoclar Vivadent AG (p. 149)
    Jelrus Incorporated, see Air Techniques Incorporated
    Kaltenbach & Voigt GmbH & Company KG, see Danaher
    Kerr Corporation, see Danaher Corporation
    LM-Instruments Oy, see Planmeca Oy
    Midmark Corporation (p. 151)
    Morita (J.) Corporation (p. 153)
    PaloDEx Group Oy (p. 155)
    Pelton & Crane, see Danaher Corporation
    Planmeca Oy (p. 157)
    Procter & Gamble Company (p. 159)
    Royal Dental Manufacturing Incorporated (p. 161)
    Shofu Incorporated (p. 162)
    Sirona Dental Systems Incorporated (p. 164)
    SS White Burs Incorporated (p. 167)
    Stryker Corporation (p. 168)
    Sybron Dental Specialties Incorporated, see Danaher
    Synergetics USA Incorporated (p. 169)
    3M Company (p. 170)
    Tom s of Maine Incorporated, see Colgate-Palmolive
    Water Pik Technologies Incorporated (p. 172)
    Zenith Dental, see Foremost Dental LLC
    Other Companies Mentioned in Study (p. 174)
    Summary Table (p. 3)
    1 Population by Age Group (p. 8)
    2 Macroeconomic Indicators (p. 12)
    3 Consumer Income & Personal Consumption Expenditures (p. 14)
    4 Dental Services Expenditures (p. 15)
    5 Dental Services Payments by Source (p. 17)
    6 Dental Care Providers (p. 19)
    7 Dental Care Establishments (p. 21)
    8 Dental Patient Activity & Procedures (p. 23)
    9 Dental Equipment Market, 1996-2006 (p. 27)
    1 Dental Equipment Demand by Product (p. 32)
    2 Dental Instruments Demand by Type & Market (p. 35)
    3 Dental Hand Instruments Demand by Type (p. 39)
    4 Dental Hand Pieces Demand (p. 41)
    5 Dental Lasers Demand by Activity (p. 44)
    6 Other Dental Instruments Demand (p. 46)
    7 Dental Systems & Parts Demand by Type & Market (p. 49)
    8 Dental Imaging Systems Demand by Type (p. 54)
    9 Dental Instrument Delivery Systems Demand (p. 56)
    10 Dental Utility Equipment Demand (p. 58)
    11 Dental CAD/CAM Systems Demand (p. 60)
    12 Dental Intra-Oral Cameras Demand (p. 62)
    13 Other Dental Systems & Parts Demand (p. 63)
    14 Toothbrush Demand by Type & Market (p. 73)
    15 Dental Furniture & Lighting Demand by Type & Market (p. 75)
    16 Dental Seating Demand (p. 78)
    17 Dental Lighting Demand (p. 80)
    18 Other Dental Furniture Demand (p. 83)
    19 Other Dental Equipment Demand by Type & Market (p. 85)
    1 Dental Equipment Demand by Market (p. 88)
    2 Dental Office Equipment Demand by Type (p. 91)
    3 Consumer Dental Equipment Demand by Type (p. 93)
    4 Other Markets for Dental Equipment by Segment & Type (p. 94)
    1 US Dental Equipment Sales by Company, 2006 (p. 99)
    2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures (p. 105)
    3 Selected Cooperative Agreements (p. 108)
    4 R&D Spending Patterns: Selected Dental Equipment Suppliers (p. 118)
    1 Dental Equipment Demand Per Office, 1996-2006 (p. 27)
    2 Global Dental Equipment Demand, 2006 (p. 29)
    1 Dental Equipment Demand by Product, 2006 (p. 33)
    2 Dental Instruments Demand by Type, 2006 (p. 36)
    3 Dental Systems & Parts Demand by Type, 2006 (p. 50)
    4 Dental Furniture & Lighting Demand by Type, 2006 (p. 76)
    5 Other Dental Equipment Demand by Type, 2006 (p. 86)
    1 Dental Equipment Demand by Market, 2006 (p. 89)
    1 US Dental Equipment Market Share by Company, 2006 (p. 101)
    2 Professional Dental Equipment Distribution Market
    Share by Company, 2006


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